Juniper Dunes Wilderness

We started our wilderness project with a unique one – the Juniper Dunes Wilderness near Pasco. Per the Bureau of Land Management, it was part of the 1984 designation and preserves the northernmost stand of western juniper trees. The entire 7,140+ acre area is fenced in, bordered on almost all sides by private land. TheContinue reading “Juniper Dunes Wilderness”


We had never even heard of this place before moving to Lynnwood seven years ago. Upon moving in to our home and realizing we didn’t really know the area, this was one of the first places we visited. It reminded me of walks I used to do with my grandpa through Ravenna Park in Seattle,Continue reading “MEADOWDALE BEACH”


Yesterday’s walk around Gold Creek Pond at Snoqualmie Pass was magical. At least at the beginning and end. The fun of trotting along on snow, hopping in the pulk sled, and getting back out to run again eventually wore off, and for the last half of our 2.5+ mile walk on freshly fallen snow myContinue reading “GOLD CREEK POND”


Welcome to our family adventure blog, featuring our travels around the Pacific Northwest with our three year old. Hiking, kayaking, skiing, and just simply being outside under the falling rain or blinding sun are what keep us sane as parents. We’ve learned so much in three years, and we hope our posts can inspire, encourage,Continue reading “WELCOME”