Colonel Bob Wilderness

Our second wilderness boundary to cross this year was the Colonel Bob Wilderness east of Lake Quinault.

A trillium in bloom

It was a beautiful Monday morning wander through fresh spring growth, and we ran into just one other hiking party on our way down.

Entering the wilderness

Curious, I tried to do a little digging on the origin of the name Colonel Bob. 
A peak within its 11,961 acre bounds carried the name (and a fire lookout) long before the wilderness area was designated in 1984. According to Wikipedia, the peak was named for lawyer, writer, and orator Robert J. Ingersoll. I couldn’t find a cited source for that information.

Even before the wilderness boundary, the rainforest drips with green

We chose the Fletcher Canyon trail because, well, easy pickings. The wilderness boundary is just a short walk from the parking lot, and in addition we had hiked the trail in 2019 (when Chay still just barely and wonderfully fit his carrier) and remember the trail being good enough that our guy could walk it. We hiked along the trail for about a mile, then turned around to have lunch at the car.

Like a fountain in a wild garden

It was a verdant wander through old trees and beautiful native undergrowth, and reminded us of why we value these wild, preserved places. They offer a reminder of what our region looked like before the ancient forests fell to the saw blade.

2 thoughts on “Colonel Bob Wilderness

  1. This looks like a beautiful hike! I’m jealous of all the places that are pretty and green right now!


    1. It’s got to be coming up there soon!

      Such a weird spring for us here. It started out so wet and cold, and then way warmed up. Now we’re staring down a potential drought this summer if weather patterns hold.


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