Written by a family from the PNW with a belief that when children experience the wonder of our world, it will foster a love and respect for the planet and all its inhabitants. So as a family we go, enjoying our public lands with care, and constantly learning.

Recent Journal Entries

Colonel Bob Wilderness

Our second wilderness boundary to cross this year was the Colonel Bob Wilderness east of Lake Quinault. It was a beautiful Monday morning wander through fresh spring growth, and we ran into just one other hiking party on our way down. Curious, I tried to do a little digging on the origin of the nameContinue reading “Colonel Bob Wilderness”

Juniper Dunes Wilderness

We started our wilderness project with a unique one – the Juniper Dunes Wilderness near Pasco. Per the Bureau of Land Management, it was part of the 1984 designation and preserves the northernmost stand of western juniper trees. The entire 7,140+ acre area is fenced in, bordered on almost all sides by private land. TheContinue reading “Juniper Dunes Wilderness”

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